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Since 2016, Thrive has been the only evidence-based, clinically effective mental wellbeing app to support employees. We now support over 3.9m people globally and are proud to have launched our new scheme dedicated to supporting small businesses. 

Accessible, NHS approved mental health support tailored for organisations with under 200 employees.

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We’ve always wanted to do more to support small businesses, and we are proud to launch our new model dedicated to doing exactly that. Thrive want to empower small businesses to be able to provide the same accessible, affordable, and clinically effective support to their employees that the large organisations are able to do.

Experienced in engaging employees from organisations of all sizes including SME’s

24/7 NHS Approved Mental Health Support for every employee (and even their families) 

Speak to a real-life therapist or counsellor within 10 minutes via our text-based chat service

Immediate access to preventative tools such as CBT, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and more

Integrated PHQ9/GAD7 screening tool (used by GPs) to detect symptoms early

Dedicated marketing and engagement support to encourage usage 

Group reporting and insights into common stressors being experienced

Access to our full suite of pre-recorded and live wellbeing webinars

A pipeline of new training support and content released regularly 

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By partnering with Thrive: Mental Wellbeing, you are empowering your employees to take care of their mental health and offering them a high level of support that can be seen in larger organisations. 

We will work with you to engage your employees and offer monthly support to help you put wellbeing at the forefront of your workplace. 

SME organisations account for 99% of the businesses in the UK alone. But research shows that, when it comes to mental health, they often fall behind. Not only that, but 47% of employees at SMEs are finding that their mental health has been impacted by working from home and want wellbeing support.

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