Our Success Stories

Explore our customer success stories showcasing the effective integration of Thrive Mental Wellbeing in various workplaces. Gain insights from businesses that have successfully implemented our solution, accompanied by practical tips and tricks. Learn from their experiences to enhance the wellbeing of your workforce.

Success story

Creating Company wide awareness on Launch Day

A Pension Provider we partner with achieved remarkable success on their Thrive Mental Wellbeing launch day, with over one-third of its employees downloading and registering for the service.

How they did it?

Company Meeting

The company's Head of People invited their Thrive Mental Wellbeing Relationship Manager to give a 10-minute presentation at the start of their monthly company meeting. With all employees present, it was the perfect opportunity to share the QR code and encourage employees to download the Thrive Mental Wellbeing App directly to their phones. 

In 10 minutes, their Relationship Manager delivered a concise and impactful presentation highlighting the importance of mental health and demonstrated critical features of the service, including the daily check-up, guided meditations, and the CBT program. 

Pre-Launch Teasers

In the week leading up to the company meeting, the company's Head of People generated anticipation by sending out short teasers highlighting the benefits via internal communication channels, such as email newsletters and the company slack channel.

Success story

Increasing Awareness After Two Years

A client in the legal industry experienced a dip in awareness of our service two years after the initial launch. After discussions between the Head of HR and their Thrive Mental Wellbeing Relationship Manager, it was apparent that this drop coincided with their employee turnover rate.

However, they were able to reverse this trend and boost awareness through three simple steps:


How they did it?

Engaging New Recruits

In their new starter resources, the client included a clear action point - "Download Thrive Mental Wellbeing App." This ensured that every new employee was made aware of and had access to the mental health services from the very beginning of their employment.

Wellbeing Webinar

During Mental Health Awareness Week, the client hosted a wellbeing webinar inviting both their Thrive Mental Wellbeing Manager to speak about the service and also invited wellbeing champions to share their testimonials of using Thrive Mental Wellbeing.

Work phones

The Thrive Relationship Manager collaborated with the IT team and successfully ensured that the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app was automatically downloaded on all work phones. This seamless integration made it easy for employees to access the service conveniently.

Success story

Increase Engagement within the Retail Sector

One of our retail partners faced challenges in engaging their employees and familiarising them with our services. By understanding the unique working environments of their employees, we introduced new engagement methods that led to a tenfold increase in engagement.


How they did it?

Monthly shop floor shoutouts

We discovered that regular communication on the shop floor was critical for employee awareness of our service. As a result, we implemented monthly shop floor shoutouts, where managers reminded employees about the availability of Thrive Mental Wellbeing services. 

Absence Management

Understanding the impact of mental health on sickness absence, the HR team started sending information about Thrive Mental Wellbeing to employees when they took sick leave. This demonstrated care and encouraged employees to seek support when needed, leading to increased awareness with the service.

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