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Thrive Mental Wellbeing

- Bailey Lavelle, Wellbeing Consultant at Santander

“The Thrive Mental Wellbeing app is a critical part of our wellbeing offering. It helps improve our colleagues’ mental wellbeing, build personal resilience and find additional support when we need it. Our colleagues love the range of tools in the app that help them relax after a day’s work, de-stress on the go, and learn how to deal with day to day situations better.”

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

- Wellbeing Manager

"We were excited to launch our partnership with Thrive Mental Wellbeing in May 2020, to coincide with mental health awareness week, and have been delighted with the feedback we have received from our colleagues. Though this has been an uncertain and challenging period in all our lives, there has never been a more crucial time to provide our colleagues with the tools and resources to support both those who have poor and good mental health. We are proud to have partnered with Thrive Mental Wellbeing and look forward to working with them in the future."

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

-Jamie Broadley, Staff Wellbeing Lead

"Working with Thrive Mental Wellbeing has been a joy and the app has made a really positive impact on our staff. From initial meetings, through implementation and into ongoing delivery their team have been responsive, professional and lovely to work with. The product itself is miles ahead of anything comparable, combining elements which could only otherwise be found in separate apps. Our staff have really taken to it with some of the highest engagement rates of any of our initiatives. The data is showing that using it is leading to clinical reductions in anxiety & depression which is the whole reason for bringing Thrive Mental Wellbeing on. Overall we couldn’t recommend more."

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

-Rachel Kamall, Health and Wellbeing Officer

"Since launching in April, I have taken joy in colleagues contacting me to tell me about their experiences with the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app and how it has benefited their wellbeing whilst at work and at home. It has been really easy to integrate the app with the rest of our wellbeing offer and has been one of the top tips to encourage employees to take breaks during the working day and the importance of switching off at the end of each day. The anonymous reports have also helped us to create a strategy that is more reflective of what our staff are identifying as stressors. Working with the team at Thrive Mental Wellbeing has been a wonderful experience, from organising the launch, to promoting specific materials including, as well as creating bespoke webinars for staff that have been really well received.

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

-Nick Halder, Senior Director of Talent

"With the rapid pace of acceleration in our business and continuous change around us, there is much for our people to handle. Partnering with Thrive Mental Wellbeing to offer our global tribe (and their families) wellbeing support that they can use where, when and in the way, they want to was an obvious thing to do. It is now a core part of our ongoing wellbeing support!"

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

-Nick Halder, Senior Director of Talent

“As you are aware, we are promoting Thrive Mental Wellbeing to most of our staff that we come into contact with - our staff who are using it, are finding Thrive Mental Wellbeing very supportive and find it very beneficial including our Call Centre Staff across Wales. Staff use it when possible on a night shift - they like how efficient it is to use (including myself). Thank you and your team for all your hard work and support.”

We pride ourselves on becoming your full mental health partner

65% of staff downloaded in the first week.

91% of users contacted a therapist via the in-app therapy.

89% uptake rate of prompts to seek help through therapy.

Creating impact since 2016

As an accredited app and medical device, we use validated tools to collect and inform you of the outcomes and impact the service is having. We can use these metrics to help you showcase ROI, inform internal decisions, spot patterns and further increase wellbeing engagement. 

You will receive regular insights from the entire workforce to specific departments. The number of users recovering, screening for mental health conditions, top common stressors and much more.

data & ROI

Your Relationship Manager will work with you to understand your organisation’s culture and create an engagement strategy fit for purpose. This is bolstered by ongoing support and training that helps you to drive positive outcomes and build a healthier and happier workforce.

All of our content, training and development sessions are delivered by experienced business psychologists, as well as our consultant psychologist and consultant psychiatrist co-founders.


Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s in-house team of qualified therapists deliver high-quality support to your whole organisation. Accessed via the app, our confidential therapy service connects employees with one of our clinically trained therapists at the touch of a button, with no limits on usage. 

When one of your employees is struggling or at more severe risk, we step in and help. Our therapists are on hand for those seeking support for themselves and can also empower MHFA/wellbeing champions on how to best support their colleagues.

digital therapy

Exceptional technology, extraordinary support.

If you would like to discuss opportunities, see a demo or discuss the mental health strategy in your organisation with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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