We are proud to be the only employee wellbeing app able to provide a credible return on investment calculation for your organisation. 

We use clinically validated scales in order to determine how often, and quickly, people recover to produce a conclusive ROI based on absenteeism and recoveries. 

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Based on 20% engagement of a 5000 people workforce using Thrive Mental Wellbeing with a £32,000 average annual salary

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We use our aggregated screening data for organisations (split by industry) in conjunction with the percentage of recoveries captured to arrive at a number of employees that we can attribute a saving to.

The healthcare data Thrive Mental Wellbeing collects is taken in accordance with validated NHS screening tools for anxiety and depression, and therefore a ‘recovery’ recorded by Thrive Mental Wellbeing is in line with a recovery recorded by an Increased Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) NHS service. Using independent government research, showing the impact on people recovering early from mental health conditions, we can use our healthcare data combined with government formulas to show a conclusive ROI based on absenteeism and recoveries. By using the Thrive Mental Wellbeing data we have on engagement levels and your company’s average salary, we can produce reliable ROI calculations.

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