We’re passionate about helping people. We love a challenge. We want to give people the tools to be able to help themselves whenever they want, wherever they want.

One of our founders is a UK trained psychiatrist who wanted to use his skills to help people around the world. He was part of the senior management team that grew one of the largest private hospital groups from 5 hospitals to 55 within only a few years, with highest scoring CQC reports and making an incredible name for himself—quite a feat. His motivation was to be able to help thousands more patients each year.

For Andres that still wasn’t enough. He worked out that in his lifetime as a doctor, he could hope to help around 16,000 patients—but patients whose conditions get so bad that they warrant a referral from the GP or have to be hospitalised. Why wasn’t there more help for prevention and treatment of the common conditions, to stop people from becoming so ill in the first place?

Partnering with Richa highly experienced games developer with a team based in the UK—they created clinically focused, evidence based games to treat and prevent common mental health conditions. By doing things digitally, we can help millions of people worldwide without the need to worry about stigma or judgement.

We’re passionate about helping people. We want to pass on our skills and experience through our apps to teach you how to overcome your problems.