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Tackling Mental Health Head On

We believe in a world where everyone has access to affordable well-designed, high-quality mental wellbeing services. We want everyone to have access to the latest psychological tools and techniques that can help them develop resilience, choice, and empowerment in everyday challenges.

As the modern day sees an increase in mental health issues, and stigma continues to exist, it’s more important than ever that employers, institutions, and individuals create a new mentality that defines a new way to live.

Using technology and cutting-edge research, we’re on a mission to change the trajectory of the statistics

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How Thrive Came To Be

Andres Fonseca, Thrive’s Co-Founder and CEO, trained as a psychiatrist and worked for the NHS, later joining one of the now largest mental health providers in the country.

As the Medical Director of this rapidly growing mental health service, Andres worked closely with Clinical Director and psychologist Adam Huxley.

Together with their team, Andres and Adam created mental health services that supported 1200 people across 70 facilities.

However, with the UK’s population at that point being over 60 million and knowing that 1 in 4 people will suffer a mental health condition at some point in their lives, they started to question how support could be provided on a larger scale and with an emphasis on prevention.

How Can We Do More?

It became clear that none of the traditional support services could ever scale to provide the help that was needed to tackle the UK’s mental health crisis.

Training and supervising enough therapists to cope with the growing demand was costly and complicated to execute - not least because of limitations on facilities like consulting rooms.

Knowing that most mental health conditions are very treatable and preventable, particularly in the early stages, they started to think of other ways to scale not only self-management after detection but also how prevention techniques could be brought into people's day to day habits and championed as an everyday lifestyle for all.

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"I remember thinking that even if I work extremely hard, I could only help around 400 new people per year. That is around 16,000 people for my whole career.

We now have over 1,000,000 people who can access the level of support they need when it suits them and take day to day action to manage their mental health."

Dr. Andres Fonseca
Thrive Co-Founder

"Being a healthcare professional my job is to help people. It became clear to me very early on in my career that there are certain limits placed on supporting people who really need it. I recall being sat in a clinic one day having seen seven people and checking the waiting list of 12 months. I remember thinking that there must be something more that could be done to help people who are struggling with mental health difficulties.

Thrive was founded with this in mind, to try to make psychological therapies available for more people and ensure equity of access."

Dr. Adam Huxley
Thrive Co-Founder

And So Thrive Was Born

When the two met with Rich Flower - a successful games developer behind the likes of Tomb Raider - who felt strongly that gamification techniques could be used for the greater good, there seemed a huge opportunity to make the concept finally come to life.

Together, the team created Thrive - the application that is now proven to train individuals in clinically effective techniques to manage their mental health; screen for mental health conditions like anxiety and depression; and make prevention part of general wellbeing for all.

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Spreading Far And Wide

Developing a world-class tool is one thing, getting it into the hands of the people is another.

Thankfully, Thrive are now working with some of the leading employers who are championing mental health in the workplace along with other partners such as EAP providers, health plan providers, and insurance companies who have a strong business case to invest in mental health.

We've also had great success with schools, charities, and professional sports teams, but with a big ambitious vision, we've only just begun.

“Thrive is not for the 1 in 4 people struggling with their mental wellbeing, it is for the 4 in 4 of us that want to improve our mental wellbeing and cope with life's daily stresses.”

"When you learn how to self-manage and build your resilience, you develop a kind of superpower that can improve all aspects of your life. It gives you control over your emotions and thoughts so you can choose how to react to each challenge you encounter in life. I want everyone to have the opportunity to develop this superpower."

Dr. Andres Fonseca
Thrive Co-Founder

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If you would like to discuss opportunities, see a demo or discuss the mental health strategy in your organisation with one of our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].

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