How Thrive works for your club

The app encourages professional athletes to practice relaxation skills frequently and train resilience. Athletes cannot focus on their body and forget their mind. Thrive: Feel Stress Free is an independent self-help tool and also a method of communication for the athletes. The app is available to athletes 24/7 which allows them to reach out for further help should they need it, when they need it. Recent studies have shown that there was a 65%+ user take up rate on the app, there was a 50% reduction in recovery on common mental health conditions such as anxiety and mild depression, the average mood of players had a 20% increase after using Thrive: Feel Stress Free and the biggest stressors included injuries and matches. 


Just like we take training our body really seriously, Thrive encourages us to practice relaxation skills frequently and train your resilience. You cannot focus on your body and forget your mind.
— Marcus Trescothick Former England and Professional Cricketer

Customisation and Integration

We offer customisation to give your athletes the most relevant options to their everyday life, integration to other wellbeing services or teams, allowing athletes to seek help in a confidential way 24/7, and ongoing usage logged, and can be shared by athletes to initiate contact with support providers.

We are continually adding content, improvements, updates and thoroughly researched techniques to give our users the very best and latest support possible. This is just the beginning.


In every team environment there’ll be mental fitness issues, and to have a confidential tool accessible by anyone, anytime of the day, has helped more than we thought.
— Neil Kilshaw Performance & Welfare Manager St Helens RFL

Don't just take our word for it, we work with a number of clubs already!

 Fulham Football Club

Fulham Football Club

 Charlton Athletic Football Club

Charlton Athletic Football Club

 St. Helens Rugby Club

St. Helens Rugby Club

We also work with a number of associations including the PCA (Professional Crickets Association) and the PDPA (Professional Darts Association)

Investing in Thrive for our athletes mental wellbeing was one of the best decisions we made!
— Head of Welfare at St. Helens

Our latest in sports....



We have recently partnered with GB Active to promote the importance of taking care of your mental health when you are an athlete. We hope to work with the athletes from GB Active on upcoming campaigns and raise awareness as to how important your mental well-being is and how by improving your mental health, you can improve your performance.

GB Active offers GB athletes to the community by offering boot camps, personal training, inspirational talks, workshops and team building days. You can try them out for free at

We will be updating the latest news surrounding this partnership shortly!

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