Improving Insurance claims and recovery times with Thrive


Wondering how to optimise your service and stand out in the market place? Well look no further; with Thrive you are guaranteed to be one step ahead by providing clinically proven technology and mental health solutions to your clients. To find out more about our bespoke partnership service for insurers, get in touch today.  


Prevention and detection

Thrive: Feel Stress Free, prevents, detects and treats common mental health conditions. We encourage support seeking behaviour and detect issues before they become too severe using the integrated PHQ9/GAD7 quiz, which is commonly used in clinical practise across both NHS and private sector care services. By doing this, we can proactively help the user recover quicker, which drives costs down for the insurer and organisation considerably.


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Thrive reduces the severity of claims reaching the insurer, as well as highlighting claims much sooner than the traditional methods. We have a 96% recovery rate and by allowing the user to share their mood history, the insurer can act much quicker to support the user. Movement from total to partial disability is common, and an average recovery time for a user experiencing anxiety or depression is 6-8 weeks when using the app.



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Correct risk and underwriting assessment due to more accurate data

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Attract New Customers

Turn your service into a more differentiated offering that appeals to todays customers

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Increase customer loyalty

Achieve higher retention levels and offer a unique service to your customers 

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Increase Back to Work Rates

Get the correct treatment at the right time through relevant interaction

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Perfect Simplicity

Simplify the claims process by seamlessly integrating clinically proven technology to the service

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Behaviour Change

Help employees to become healthier and improve your bottom line - win win for everyone


- The Mood Meter

Customise the purple bubbles on the mood meter to the most relevant options for your employees and users. The cCBT (computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) process is proven to  help retrain negative thoughts. 


- The Support BoX

The box on the first island will be branded with your logo or your clients if needed. The links inside will be chosen by you, offering relevant and confidential support services including claims buttons, EAPs, and more. 


- The wellbeing box

The app regularly asks what stressors and risk factors may be affecting the user. The wellbeing box is then populated with clinical information written in a helpful, informative way, to give advice on the factors the user has identified. We customise this information to the needs of the employees and organisations we work with. 



Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

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Reduce mental health claims by providing 24/7 support, as well as allowing the user to make a claim 'in-app' when screening positive for anxiety and/or depression.


GrouP Income Protection (GIP)

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Reduce claim costs by helping employees get back to work sooner. By being pro-active around mental healthcare, we can limit the need for more costly treatment and taking additional time away from work. 


Individual Income Protection (IIP) 

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Available for individual policy holders, we provide the app to employees not insured through their organisation. We remove the link to the employer, but keep all integration work to the insurer to reduce costs and improve recovery times.





Thrive: Feel Stress Free collects anonymous user data that records  specific stressors, mood history, and situations. On the right, you will see a breakdown of the data the insurer will receive on a monthly basis. 



The data collected will allow you to see honest data you may not receive otherwise. It can help you see changes improvements and guide you when making changes internally. 

  Top 3 common stressors

Top 3 common stressors

  Negative mood vs previous quarter

Negative mood vs previous quarter

  Avg time spent in app

Avg time spent in app

  Anxiety screens vs recovery

Anxiety screens vs recovery

  Average user mood

Average user mood

  Depression screens vs recovery  

Depression screens vs recovery 

  Most used activity

Most used activity

  Number of people seeking support

Number of people seeking support



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  • Full insurance branding, customisation and integration of current support/wellbeing services offered by insurer or employers.
  • Scalable solution to treat thousands of people without concern on location, accessibility or affordability.
  • Fewer calls to helplines and claims to insurance when app is present. Many users can self manage their condition before needing full therapy.
  • Monitor outcomes in patients and know that claims are only made when necessary.
  • Ongoing engagement support from Thrive to drive usage and drive clinical outcomes.
  • Proven reduction in claims and increase in return to work time for employees.

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