• 1 in 4 students are experiencing  a mental health condition 
  • 70% of young people are not receiving the treatment they need
  • 74% of students with an anxiety-related problem also have a depression-related one.
  • 63% of students say that they feel their levels of stress interfere with their day to day lives
  • 1 in 5  say that the support currently available isnt helpful at all
  • More than half of students know between one and five people that suffer from a mental illness


How can we help?

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We are proud to work with Evolve and the YMCA supporting young students at primary school, and all the teachers working with them. We can offer tailored solutions for all ages in education.


We offer support for all students in secondary education, as well as post 16 centres and colleges. We can customise the app, support all students and teachers, hold assemblies, offer discounts and much more. 


It is well known that students often struggle with their mental health and stress levels at university. That's why we provide our tailored service for universities to support all students, whether it be for prevention, detection or treatment, we're here to help! 



Thrive: Feel Stress Free will be branded with your logo to give it a more personalised feel for the students using it. Our computerised CBT feature (mood meter) has been customised based on research from our partner schools, including 'Homework, Bullying, and Exams'. If you have current wellbeing services or counsellors, the app can be integrated to work as a valuable asset to the team. 


We provide aggregated and anonymised data to our partners each quarter, showing clinical outcomes, mood improvements, usage, and much more. Recording the common stressors students face on a regular basis, you are provided with honest, reliable information you can put in to action to improve the wellbeing of your students in more ways than you knew. 


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