Thrive teaches you tried and tested techniques to manage the stress of a hectic life. It tracks your mood over time and trains you to optimise your coping mechanisms


Thrive is our stress management programme. Released at the beginning of 2016, it has been created after over two years of development and research to pro-actively prevent and manage stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Keeps track of your mood over time
  • Enables you to train your thoughts so you can manage how you feel about different situations
  • Trains you in 4 self-soothing techniques that give you control over your stress

Find out how stressed you are with our questionnaire.

The Yerkes-Dodson Law explains the relationship between performance and stress, indicating that an optimal level of pressure needs to be applied to get the best from someone. However, once that optimal level becomes too much for a person to handle, performance decreases significantly. The management of stress and anxiety is imperative to us living a healthy, happy life.

Each of the clinical interventions used in the app have years of research behind them, and we’ve featured all of this within the app itself, as well as below. We have also carried out clinical research trials at the University of Roehampton, with another commencing in April 2016.