Phobia Free

We have also developed two apps to help combat specific phobia's. Each of our apps are evidence-based and have had research conducted to ensure the user an experience which is as close to real therapeutic intervention as possible. We do this by providing our users with evidence based, proven techniques that empower them to help themselves in their own time, at their own pace.

Agoraphobia Free

Created by NHS trained psychiatrists and psychologists, Agoraphobia Free is an innovative and revolutionary app to help with Agoraphobia. It uses cognitive behavioural therapy, which is proven to be effective in the treatment of agoraphobia with and without panic attacks. It allows you to undertake the therapy at your own pace, from your own home.

By following the different chapters in the app, you will gain the suitable skills to help you combat your agoraphobia, as you help Alex -  who also suffers from agoraphobia. As you help her to use different techniques to overcome her condition, you will learn those same skills and will be able to apply them to your own situation. Agorophobia Free offers real (clinically proven) therapeutic techniques, without the need to leave your home to see a therapist.

Arachnophobia Free

Arachnophobia Free has been developed by two consultant psychiatrists to help you the same way a real therapist would. We use exposure therapy as it is clinically proven to have positive impacts on the fear of spiders. Dr Freeman, a virtual doctor (voiced by a Psychologist), guides you through therapeutic mini-games. The app begins by introducing you to Itsy - an animated spider. You’ll gradually have to face more realistic spiders throughout. In the last stage you will be able to interact with an augmented reality tarantula that looks and moves like the real thing.

Arachnophobia Free has been feature on the BBC, Channel 4 and other major media outlets, including being featured on Embarrassing bodies. It has been reviewed by the UCL as well as diverse mental health organisations such as Anxiety UK.