"This made me think of stress in a different light. It made me feel like I understood my body more."


Ok, soo where do I start? 1 in 4 people suffer with a form of mental health. Yup, that sounds crazy? right?  Now, some people look at mental health and say ‘Well why don’t you go and get help?’  ‘Why don’t you speak up?’ ‘Why don’t you just think normal?’ I hate to break to it to you. It’s NOT that easy. What is normal? that is for another blog or you will be reading this for days on end.

For my experience around mental health starts with my head. What a wonderful part of us (NOT) The power to think, overthink and determine how we guide our lives. My head screws me over on mulitple occassions. It overthinks what it thinks, then it overthinks that too; insane. I can’t stop my mind from over playing scenarios and believing the worst outcome. So, what did I do? Well, I just gave my mind something more to focus on. Easier said than done. Does this work instantly? NO is there a quick fix? No.

Do you learn this kind of stuff in school? definitely not. Sometimes we have triggers. We don’t always know what these triggers are, but the can resurface memories or feelings from our subconscious, to make you feel on edge. I suffer from anxiety from time to time and luckily I’m currently going through a good patch. I am all up for helping others and keeping up a big smile but sometimes its a front. But when I’m good, I am really good.

So what do I recommend that’s helped me? that can hopefully help many more people.

Mindfulness sessions – basically take some time for self mediation and spend time with yourself. Now this sounded daunting to me at first but once I learnt to breathe with my body I relaxed.

Recently I have used a pretty cool app that has all of this within a few clicks. I was lucky enough to trial this App for 2 months and wow does to transport you to another island of mindfulness.

So when you first sign into the app it asks you describe your mood. what is making you feel the way you are. you get a wide selection of bubbles to choose from

Once you have done this you now have your Goals. These will change from day to day depending on the outcome to how you are feeling when you sign in.

As soon as you open the App on your mobile you are serenaded with a calm ocean noise. You can hear the shore, seagulls and soft tones throughout. The effect this music has on your brain helps you relax into a calm zone.  So what can you do on the island?

Message in a bottle you will find a bottle floating near your island which you can click on and open…..mine said…

How cool? something so simple made me smile. Sometimes that’s all that it can take to turn your day around. A kind word or even a smile.

Why not take a stroll over to the Zen garden where you can relax and build a Zen garden.

I’m not going to lie I absolutely loved this. I found myself getting lost in the Zen garden. So on the side you have your tools to just get lost in a  sandcastle, shell, sea water creation. This little guy on the bottom right hand corner is with you every step of the way I kind like him. Not sure why I’ve gave him a gender but I did.

I have tried the meditation exercises in the app also and I really enjoyed just breathing through my body. I loved tensing my body and releasing. This made me think of stress in a different light. It made me feel like I understood my body more.

It is so important to just take time for YOU , whether this is 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour here and there. You need to take time for yourself. Life can be very hectic and we can forgot about our minds sanity. Once I started giving myself time I relaised how easier my life could be. De-cluttering my brain. Looking after number 1…ME.

Always remember there is only one YOU. Look after yourself and your body will look after YOU.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog and found it useful. If yu have ever exerienced any mental health issue please dont be ashamed to speak out. I have a previous blog around mental health as it is so important you know that you are not alone.

Leave me a comment below or just a smile.




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