"I’ve been using this application for a week and the results are pretty amazing."

A person in his daily life has to deal with many things continuously and he/she might feel stressed at times which reduces the person’s efficiency and effectiveness to a great extent. In this fast moving world, the pressure to perform is on everyone be it a school going kid or an Adult who is working in an MNC. Thrive has come up with an application for iOS and Android devices named ‘Feel Stress free’ and as the name suggests the app is built to relieve you from your day to day stress.

As you open the app, You are displayed with 5 options through which how you can Relieve your stress and a soothing sound is going on in the background. You need to sign in or create an account to unlock all the 5 options for better stress busting.

The First thing after signing up is you need to Answer some of the pre-designed questions in order to give a better perspective of your mood to the Application which in turn would suggest you How to use the app to its fullest. After you are all done with the Mood meter thing, the app will give different suggestions like the preferred time duration for each of the activity.

Here are the 5 Activities for you to ‘Feel stress free’ that are incorporated in the Application

Breathing Mode

In this mode, the app plays soothing and calm sounds (Headphones recommended) which will make you ‘Feel Stress free’ within the suggested duration and you’d feel better. In this, Deep slow breathing technique is required which will continue for about the time duration you’ve specified. Doing this for at least 3 times a day for 3 minutes will surely have long term benefits.

Meditation Mode

As we all know Meditation is a great way to relieve the stress and has long term benefits too as it keeps a person calmer and relieved during stressful times. In this mode, all you have to do is select from any of the 5 Things i.e Meditation, Sensory, Mindful body scan, Mindful Earth and Mindful Walk and see the magic happen.

Deep Muscle Mode

In this mode, All you have to do is sit quietly in one place with the headphones plugged in and see the magic happen as the peaceful music would relax your muscles from head-to-toe.

You can also send a Good Motivating thought/pre-written message to the users of the app in form of a Letter inside the bottle.


I’ve been using this application for a week and the results are pretty amazing. All the activities in the app have helped me achieve a better-relaxed state of mind and I have handed 1-2 stressful situations a bit better than what I used to do like before. I would recommend using this app to everyone who is reading this post and tell me the results in the comments section below.


Bronwyn SouthrenComment