"I cannot stress enough how incredible this app is!"

Thrive is a therapy based app which aims to prevent, detect and help manage mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The app has been developed by psychiatrists and uses clinically proven techniques to help with symptoms of negative mental health and to deal with the stresses of everyday life. The app is available on iOS, Android and also via the web for easy and efficient access wherever you are.

I have been using the app over the past month and I have been loving it! There are so many different features and I find that it really helps me to cope with stress and identify negative thoughts that I may be having. As the app is chock full of so many features, I will be focusing on the main points and things I have enjoyed the most, but do explore all the features because there are so many!

First Impressions ♡

The first thing I loved about this app was the graphics and user interface. It has a lot of bright, high quality colours and images, and is really responsive. I guess the theme of the app is kind of island/beach inspired which I love because it’s very relaxing, especially with the ocean sound effects which come with it. The water almost looks real, splashing up onto the sand!

The only negative I have experienced is that my phone gets very hot because it can’t deal with the graphics, but if you have a relatively decent smartphone (unlike me) you should be fine. You can also use the web app on your desktop or laptop, but, just like my phone, my laptop can’t deal with the graphics, so I stick to the phone app.

One of my favourite features is that each day, the app asks how you are feeling, using a slider mechanism to indicate good (represented as a sun) or bad (represented as a dark cloud). I think a slider function is great because you can be really precise with selecting how you are feeling.

Next, you can choose from lots of different causes of your mood, which appear in purple circles, and vary depending on where your mood falls on the scale. As you scroll, these change, and there are so many to select. Again – the visual experience here is great!

As I mentioned, there are so many situation options to choose from, you are most likely going to find one suited to your mood. I also love that the mannerisms & body language of the little alien man who guides you through the app also change depending on your mood, so you don’t feel alone. I think all these features also make the app feel a lot more personalised and catered specifically to you, which is really nice. If the situation you require isn’t featured, you can always click ‘more’ which will show a new page with other options.

You are then able to choose thoughts that made you feel that way, such as ‘having fun’ or ‘I have helped others’. You can choose as many as you like, and even double tap to reflect importance. If you are feeling bad, you are also given the option to choose different ways of thinking about the situation. This is very similar to CBT and changing maladaptive thinking patterns, so is very useful and really effective.

If you are feeling bad, you are also given the option to choose different ways of thinking about the situation. This is very similar to CBT and changing maladaptive thinking patterns, so is very useful and really effective.

After completing the ‘Mood Meter’, the app will give you suggestions based on how you are feeling to which activities you should complete to best benefit you.

There are 5 main categories, each with a slight variation, so loads to choose from. I have reviewed my favourite features of each category, but again, do explore all of them to find out which work best for you!

Breathing ♡

This activity category is recommended to me pretty much everyday because I get quite nervous and anxious. The exercises really help me to calm down and re focus my energy, and it is really easy to understand and follow. You can choose how long you would like to do the exercise, depending on how you’re feeling, but the app will give you a recommendation.

Zen Garden ♡

This is such a cute feature! I don’t tend to play games on my phone so the zen garden feature on the app is really nice to use when just relaxing or maybe waiting at the doctors or dentist. You can create your own little garden, adding different shells & plants to customise it to suit you. It’s a quirky little feature which gives you time to distract your mind for a little while.

Deep Muscle ♡

 This feature really helps to relax all the muscles in your body. I find this quite strenuous but you can really recognise the difference between having a tense body and feeling relaxed. The exercises involve tensing and relaxing various muscles, starting from the head downwards. When you release the muscle, you do release a lot of tension and stress – you can honestly feel the difference.

Self suggestion ♡

This feature aims to help you to link a phrase or word with the experience of feeling calm. Again, it’s really easy to follow & is super helpful because it helps you to connect with your feelings and with practice, gives you the ability to calm yourself down in stressful situations by using the phrase.

Meditation ♡

I have always struggled with meditation because I find it difficult to sit still and relaxed for a long time, but Thrive makes it so easy to follow, and the calming sounds make it quite enjoyable. There are loads of different types of meditation on the app so you can explore and find out which one suits you best.

I love the sensory meditation where you are asked to focus on different sounds & sensory experiences on the ‘island’. I do this one before I go to sleep and it really helps me to relax. I also really enjoy the mindful walk feature because it’s a refreshing change to sitting still, and is really convenient if you have a busy schedule like me! It’s basically a guided meditation whilst you walk, so you can pretty much do this anywhere – maybe if you’re popping to the shop or walking to the station or bus stop.

The app also allows you to track your mood and how you have been feeling with a helpful graph. It also tells you the things you have been worried about or things that have been going well. This is useful to help you to assess your mental wellbeing and see whether it has been improving or deteriorating over a certain period of time.

I cannot stress enough how incredible this app is! Overall, the visual and auditory experiences are great, and the activities and questions asked are based on CBT which is a proven technique to help manage various mental health conditions.

You can opt for a free version of the app, which allows you to complete only the breathing activities, however for a small fee (which can be paid weekly, monthly or annually), you will get all the great features I have spoken about, and so many more! I think this app is great to use if you are suffering from stress or any kind of mental health conditions, and would work really well alongside therapy.

For more information on the app visit https://thrive.uk.com and for information on the pricing plan visit https://feelstressfree.com/payments/package.html.


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