Easy to use and gamified – Never a dull moment

Health apps have grown in popularity and mental health sector is not far behind. There are a number of apps out there that are making therapy accessible, efficient and portable. Although it is not advised to solely depend on such apps for counselling and therapy, it makes as a great additional resource to use alongside your therapy. Today, I will be reviewing one such app from Thrives that focuses on dealing with stress.

Firstly, am glad there is finally an app that helps you monitor your stress (mood tracker) and also provides remedies. Continued stress on your body from daily tensions and volatile relationships contribute to serious health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. It’s best to keep your stress levels in check. I tried the app for two weeks religiously before reviewing it. The app is free to download (both Android and iOS). It always starts with a wonderful ocean music, immediately relaxing my mood along with a mood tracker to monitor my moods and pattern. It also recommends various forms of relaxation available in the app based on my current mood!

I personally love the meditation and mindful walk. It instantly channels my energy and relieves stress and anxiety. It’s great for someone who has difficulty concentrating whilst meditating and the steps are thoughtfully designed and easy to understand. The bright beach background takes you on a holiday by just sitting on your couch and you can’t complain with the soothing background music and voice. It takes time to actually get used to this pattern of – find time for yourself and using this app. However, once you are in the routine you will not be disappointed. All in all, thrive: Feel stress free is great for someone who suffer from stress and anxiety, and for those who just wants to feel relaxed at the end of the day after school or work.


The app is well designed and they have research backed information to support it

Easy to use and gamified – Never a dull moment

Soothing music and voice


Can be difficult to motivate yourself to use the app and enter your mood everyday

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