Can you put a price on your mental health?

This new app is ideal for people like myself, who suffer with mental health issues. It helps users learn coping methods and each of the techniques are evidence-based, so you know it really does work. Just by listening to the voice and looking at the imagery I felt more relaxed. The app uses clinically proven techniques and are used in real life therapy to help manage mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild depression.

The app consists of 4 groups; breathing techniques, meditation, self suggestion and deep muscle. Breathing techniques carried out for 3 minutes, 3 times a day has been proven to show they have long term benefits. The app uses soft tones and calming music while you breathe. The meditation groups encourages you to do just that, as well as teach you how exploring your senses can help can take your attention and worries away from anxieties. This is something I will be trying to apply on my wedding day next month. Yesterday while out I used the breathing exercises when I felt a panic attack brewing. The deep muscle section encourages you to lay or sit and tense all muscles in your body, then then let go and feel relaxed. Users loosen their muscles, and practise breathing techniques leading to a truly relaxing state.

Although this app is meant for everyday use, I feel I personally would benefit from it when doing an activity I know makes me stressed and anxious. For example, If I need to travel somewhere I would feel much more capable knowing I could zone out and listen to this app. I am on medication, and hope this will be a better alternative to managing my illness. Some of the techniques will take time and patience to master, and it’s good to remember there is no quick fix for mental health. Using this app long-term and applying what you learn will be beneficial.

Feel Stress Free provides a mood calculator to determine what your problems are, and what it is in life making you feel this way. It’s important everyone has time to unwind during their day and practise coping strategies. My anxiety was starting to take over my life, and I’m glad I can refer to this app. It’s something to help calm me wherever I am, without having to explain to people I can just zone out and try and manage my anxiety without medication. I think the breathing and relaxation elements could help everybody, regardless of their mental health.

I would definitely recommend this app, if you can afford 5.99 a month. Can you put a price on your mental health? Download now.

Bronwyn SouthrenComment