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Thrive designs and develops apps for your phone, tablet or laptop to help you optimise your mind. In the same way you eat well and exercise to keep your body healthy you can learn techniques and exercises to maximise your mental functioning. We use scientifically proven methods from psychology and empower you to master them. We have a range of apps tailored to different situations; from prevention to recovery.


Feel Stress Free

Stressed or anxious? We can help! Using evidence-based techniques, we help you learn to relax and build your resilience to these common—yet hard to conquer—problems. Featuring our thought trainer, zen garden, and unique 'message in bottle' social feature, there’s plenty to explore!

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emma reily.png

Dr Emma Reilly, Clinical Psychologist

“I loved the app! I thought it looked beautiful and the games were fun. 
For me the most helpful thing was the frequent reminders that spiders
may feel fear, pain, and are trying to survive. In my mind they'd become
evil little creatures hell bent on crawling on me.”


Margaret Hooper, Editor

“This app is highly engaging and has the potential by using virtual 
tools, such as the augmented reality feature, to greatly facilitate those 
wishing to overcome their spider phobia.”


Dr Christian Jessen, Embarrassing Bodies by Channel 4

“Get over your phobia with an app? This is revolutionary, money saving
and genius! That phobia app is immense.”

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