The Thrive solution:

We understand that every organisation is different, thats why we pride ourselves on delivering a customised and unique partnership to suit any size organisation. With an average take up rate of over 65% we are proud to say that the support never stops - we're here for you every step of the way. 

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Reduces costs from staff turnover, presenteeism and absenteeism

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Support for every employee - with and without a mental health condition.

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Integration with all current services, inclduing EAP's.

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Reduces recovery time of a mental health condition

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Quarterly MI reports - aggregated and anonymous.

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Branded and customised roll out pack with the opportunity for events.

Customisation and intergration

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The Mood Meter:

Built using computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) to give your employees the most relevant, personalised options. The bubbles can be tailored to specific situations related to your employees. 

Support Box:

Integration with other wellbeing services or EAPs, allowing employees to seek help in a confidential way, 24/7.


Emotional history and usage data logged, enabling user to initiate contact with support providers by sharing their reports.

Management information and Reporting

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The app collates anonymous, aggregate user data that records specific stressors and situations. This is sent to you on a quarterly basis, allowing you to make internal changes and improvements from honest data you may not receive otherwise.

Data includes: 

  • Top 3 common stressors 
  • Total number of users
  • Most used activity 
  • Number of screens for depression/anxiety 
  • Number of recovered users

- And many more. 

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An outstanding partnership

Your employees will have 24/7 support but it doesn't stop there. We pride ourselves on delivering a customised solution to each of our partners, we understand every organisation is different, that's why our service is too. 

We will support you when rolling out the app with a tailored 3 month marketing pack, opportunities to hold training events, quarterly meetings to drive engagement and increase ROI, regular app updates with new content each time and much more. 

Why act now?

With mental health conditions being the largest cause of sickness absence and 44% of employers noticing an increase of employees struggling over the past year. There's no denying the sooner you take action the better. 

Click below to see how much you could be loosing due to mental health conditions. 

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