Thrive: Feel Stress Free

An evidence-based app for the prevention, detection and treatment of  stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions.


Thrive is full of clinically proven content to help you train your mind. There's games, guides, relaxation sessions, internal/external support and much more. We regularly update our app and are always adding more content to support our users. 


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What's in the app?

  • Mood Meter: Start every day by tracking your mood on our interactive mood meter. Based on your results you will be recommended a personalised wellbeing plan.


  • CBT Thought Trainer:  Our cognitive behavioural therapy based thought trainer is how we help you to re-frame your negative thoughts. The thought trainer is intelligent and learns from you each day. 


  • Progress: Keeps track of everything you do in the app. This section allows you to be reminded of the good days and help you learn from the bad days. 


  • Zen Garden: This feature allows you to get creative and design your own peaceful paradise. We have now released a fun mini game to the island - be sure to check it out! 


  • Relaxation techniques: There are four relaxation techniques within the app, calm breathing, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and progressive relaxation - there should be something for everyone! 


  • The Goal System: The app will recommend you three different goals daily. These include, an activity within the app, a physical activity and one that is focusing on general health.


  • Message in a bottle: The message in a bottle feature allows you to send and receive encouraging messages through the app to other users. 


  • Wellbeing guides: There is a section full of guides which are full tailored to the information you have entered into your mood meter which allows you to better understand and receive advice for you.

The subscriptions that we offer:

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