Thrive: Feel Stress Free

An evidence-based app for the prevention, screening and self-management of stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions.


Thrive is full of clinically effective techniques to help you train your mind. There's games, guides, relaxation sessions, internal/external support and much more. We regularly update our app and are always adding more content to support our users. 


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What's in the app?


Island 1 - Home Screen

Calm Breathing - A quick breathing exercise ranging from 3 - 15 minutes

Meditation - 5 Sessions varied to different situations

Deep Muscle Relaxation - An effective session that can be as strong as a sedative

Applied Relaxation - Relaxing with the thought of a word (Self Hypnosis)

Daily goals - 3 goals set daily to complete both in and out of the app

Zen Profile and Points - Home to the points a user earns from activities

Thrive Box - Customised to clients, offering support links and seeking help options


Island 2 - Wellbeing (Left)

Progress - A section dedicated to ones usage history and data entry

Mood Meter - The daily PHQ7/GAD9 screen, the heart of what the app can do

Guides - Personalised reading material, based upon entry in the mood meter

Message in a bottle - Send and receive encouraging messages in the app


Island 3 - Games (Right)

Zen Garden - A relaxing distraction exercise allowing a user to design their own garden

Zen Challenge - A game in which you connect points to each other without overlapping

Wise Words Game - A simple word search made 100x better


The subscriptions that we offer:

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