How To Be A Successful 'Mompreneur'

Guest submission: Eva Benoit,

For many moms, returning to work after having a child is difficult. Between the guilt of leaving your baby with someone else and the high cost of daycare, you may be looking for other options besides your old job. Or, you may want to stay home but don’t have the budget yet.

Perhaps the best solution for you is starting a new business?

The Best Business Models For A “Mompreneur” 

According to Investopedia, a business model is simply how you set up your business to make money. Some examples include bricks and mortar, such as a store, a franchise, or direct sales/network marketing. 

According to the blog Stephanie’s Desk, there are other options as well: 

●      An online business, such as an Etsy shop, which can be ideal for a work-at-home mom.

●      A service-based business, where you provide services such as freelance writer.

●      A membership-based business like subscription boxes.

Those last three models, as well as network marketing, work well for people like you who need a flexible schedule. So how can you decide which business is best?

Choosing The Right Business For You

Obviously, your business needs to allow you more time at home but you want to make sure that the business is ideally suited for you. The first step in discovering the right business is to look at your own history. Evaluate your current skills and talents, past work experience and any degrees or certifications you have. If you have a hobby you think can become a business, Legal Zoom recommends you brainstorm ways to make money from it.

Often, we think we need to have a unique business idea or invention, but what sells your business is what you bring to it. Forbes states many businesses fail because they don’t provide a “unique value proposition.” What can be unique about you and your services?

Here are some great business ideas you can try:

  • Dog sitter. If you love dogs and don’t have one of your own, becoming a dog sitter is ideal business. It’s flexible, giving you the ability to set your own schedule and pricing. You can also choose the age and size of the dogs that you care for.

  • Virtual assistant. These administrative helpers can do all kinds of tasks for clients virtually from simple typing to accounting functions. This is a great job because you can offer any services you enjoy while avoiding those you don’t.

  • Web designer. If you are good at both programming and design, this is a great option for you. Be sure to give yourself a lot of leeway in setting up deadlines for clients!

Here are 45 more business ideas for work at home moms.

Balancing Work And Life When You Work From Home

Balancing work and life can be a challenge when your office is in your home along with a child underfoot. The stress of building a business while raising a child can negatively impact your mental health, leading to depression, anxiety and more. You can reduce that risk by setting proper boundaries. Here’s what to do: 

  • Money Magazine advises several ideas, including getting out of the house and not feeling guilty about an “electronic” babysitter (the TV). After all, you need kid breaks just as much as you need work breaks!

  • You should have a home office, according to The Simple Dollar. While your child is an infant, any area might do but as they grow you will want a room with a door, even if it’s a corner of your bedroom.

  • Manage your time as best you can. It’s wise to either set office hours, work while your child is sleeping, or work weekends. Set up boundaries so that you have undisturbed free time for your business.

  • Don’t forget to manage your self-care. Take proper care of your health and find time to relax every day. 

Starting up a business while you are home with your children is an exciting and rewarding endeavour. Take the right steps to ensure your own success and mental health.

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