Thrive Announce Gen Re Collaboration to Improve Outcomes in Mental Health

Thrive, whose clinically proven software prevents, screens for and helps people manage common mental health conditions, has entered into a collaboration with reinsurer Gen Re. Thrive’s evidence-based app provides support that helps people cope better with the stresses of life. Built-in computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) means people can access help early and 24/7.

Thrive’s digital solution helps prevent mental health problems, mitigates their symptoms and hastens recovery helping people get back to work. Thrive, working with Gen Re, will deliver solutions for global life and health insurers in both individual coverage and employee benefit settings.

Thrive is helping thousands of people globally to better manage their mental health. Dr. Andreas Fonseca, founder and CEO of Thrive: “Mental health is often a hidden problem in the workplace. Our collaboration with Gen Re help us tackle this problem and to help many more people. We are very excited to announce working with a global reinsurer. We recognise Gen Re is a high-quality and innovative business that brings best practices to their clients; something we will mirror in our partnership”.

Ross Campbell, Chief Underwriter, Gen Re International Life/Health Research and Development, comments, “We share a vision for mental health to be better understood and managed within an insurance context for all stakeholders. Thrive is shown to help people keep well and recover sooner. Our collaboration with Thrive will further our commitment to bring about better health outcomes for insurance customers”.

About Gen Re

Gen Re is one of the leading reinsurers in the world, with a strong focus on health and life insurance. With $13 billion in capital and approx. $5.6 billion in premiums, it is one of the leading reinsurers in the world with a global network of offices in key reinsurance markets. To learn more visit:

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