Thrive awarded Inclusive Economy Partnership grant by Nesta and HMG to improve mental health at work

Nesta is a global innovation foundation who back new ideas in a number of different sectors to help organisations and their innovative ideas tackle the challenges they may face. Nesta’s key mission is to seek out, spark and shape powerful new ideas. They tackle all kinds of big challenges including the pressures of an ageing population; stretched public services; and a fast changing jobs market. The Inclusive Economy Partnership project, which brings together innovators, businesses and civil society, aims to develop solutions in three different challenging areas: financial inclusion and capability, mental health, and transition to work for young people.

From October to December 2017, Nesta identified innovators with a focus on their three solution areas - these were then shortlisted to 44 candidates, solutions for financial inclusion and capability, mental health and transition to work for young people was then pitched and 18 successful grant winners were chosen to carry their ideas forward and attempt to tackle the challenges. This means, that during March to September 2018, Nesta with their key partners from business, civil society and the government, will support the 18 grant winners to reach a point where they are ready to scale and deliver greater impact. They will achieve this through funding, workshops, and greater access to partnership networks.

Why us?

Thrive Therapeutic Software was one of the chosen 18 grant winners! Our project will focus on improving prevention of common mental health problems, enabling access to care and improving help-seeking behaviour.

On the 19th April all of the grant winners met to agree a plan and objective whilst being given the opportunity to meet with larger companies who support their missions. Through this, we met with O2 Telefonica, Aviva, Lansec and other brilliant organisations who prioritise mental health in the workplace. It was great to hear from Shevaun Haviland, from the government's business engagement team, how the whole Inclusive Economy Partnership project came to be. We also had a very good talk from Justin Rix, partner at Grant Thorton, about how to build effective partnerships between large companies and startups.

Dr Andres Fonseca, CEO of Thrive said:

“The day was very well organised by Kate Sutton's team and we had the opportunity to talk to many government and industry representatives. It was inspiring to meet the other grantees who are all working on amazing projects to make a more inclusive society.”

We hope to achieve great things in improving mental health at work with the support of Nesta and their key partners.

Sam GlassComment