"There is no health, without mental health."

Guest submission: Evergreen Life

As the World Health Organisation states, “there is no health without mental health” – and people living with chronic physical conditions are at increased risk of developing poor mental health. So physical and mental wellbeing are inherently linked – as one declines, so does the other. We’ve partnered with Evergreen Life (a personal health record app) to give you some tips for staying healthy and happy. Take a look at their 6 top tips for keeping your heart in good shape:

1.     Get the balance right

It can be overwhelming with all the advice out there about the latest ‘wonder diet’ or healthy celebrity chef. It’s best just to keep things simple! A balanced carb/protein/fat diet will help you keep a healthy system on the inside. Watch out for the salt – too much can raise your blood pressure, whilst high blood sugar and cholesterol levels can lead to storage of excess fat. All this puts extra strain on our heart

2.     Cut down on the booze

Having a consistently high alcohol intake (14+ units per week) can lead to heart disease, stroke, liver problems and certain cancers. You don’t have to stop drinking altogether, but if you’re a regular drinker, how about reducing your intake during the working week, or drinking more water when on a night on the town?

3.     Get moving

One thing we can do that releases our happy hormone (serotonin) is exercise. Not only is it good for your cardiovascular system, it also makes you feel great! Even if you feel terrible halfway though, by the end of that workout you’ll get a satisfying sense of achievement! Make sure to mix up your exercise methods by doing both cardio exercises such as swimming or walking and resistance training.

4.     Stop smoking

This is probably the most important thing you can do to protect your heart and overall health. Giving up cigarettes is very hard for most people, especially during times of stress – but your pharmacy or GP practice will be very happy to help and offer advice. You may even need to try stopping a few times before you succeed. Vaping could also offer a safer alternative.

5.     Catch some more Zzzzzzzs

Not sleeping increases stress, and in turn this has an adverse effect on your blood pressure. Forcing your body to complete everyday activities without enough sleep is going to catch up on you eventually. 6-8 hours of sleep per night is the recommended amount, so make sure you’re getting that regularly – your heart and mind will thank you for it.

6.     Keep calm and reduce stress

Getting enough sleep is one thing, but when we’re awake our minds race – we overthink, we’re constantly busy, and we don’t take enough time to reduce stress in our daily lives. Try some calming tasks, like meditation, painting, playing a musical instrument, getting out in the great outdoors – whatever it is, doing something you enjoy is proven to release our happy hormone. Presence of this hormone can help lower our stress hormone cortisol, saving us from an increase in blood pressure, and generally making us feel better.

Keep your health in check with Evergreen Life

Managing your health and wellbeing can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task – maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, forgetting to take your medicines, waiting like what seems like forever on the phone trying to make a doctor’s appointment. It’s easy to see how life’s daily strains can affect our wellbeing. Are you struggling to cope with a health condition, or are you just someone who wants to improve your health and wellbeing? The Evergreen Life app helps make your day a little less tiresome by taking the stress out of managing your health information.

With Evergreen Life, you can gain access to your medical records in the palm of your hands. Wherever you are, at any time, you can access your GP services online through the Evergreen Life app, which allows you to track your health with the app, including the ability to store stats on fitness, weight, pulse rate and blood pressure. You can also set medication reminders, book your doctor’s appointment online and order your repeat prescriptions with Evergreen Life.

Evergreen have now partnered with Thrive. This allows any user of Evergreen Life to have 10% off of their subscription to Thrive: Feel Stress Free.

Thrive: Feel Stress Free

Thrive: Feel Stress Free is an app developed and created by leading Dr Andres Fonseca, consultant psychiatrist and Dr Adam Huxley, consultant psychologist, uses clinically proven, evidenced-based techniques for the prevention, detection and self-management of common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild depression. Through Evergreen Life you can get a discount of 10% over the retail price. The cost of 1 month of subscription is less than that of a prescription and it is the NHS recommended first step when managing mild anxiety or depression.

Together, Evergreen and Thrive have the ability to support those who need to see a GP in a timely manner whilst further providing digital intervention for common mental health condition such as stress, anxiety and mild depression. To sign up to Evergreen and take charge of your healthcare, click here. To see how Thrive can help with the prevention, detection and treatment of common mental health conditions, click here.

Take control of your health today and download the Evergreen Life App.

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