Thrive's first International partner! - InterMedCon

45% of employees who responded to a  study said that they have thought about leaving their job due to stress. This alone makes it important that companies  are able to create and maintain a working environment where mental health problems are low. Mental health not only impacts your employees’ health and happiness, but also affects their productivity and how well they work as a whole. Focusing on the issue of wellbeing is good for employees, companies and society as a whole.

Yet, few have managed to come up with a plan to support their staff and their well-being. 70 million working days are lost per year due to mental health problems. Would this be different if employers knew the early signs of common mental health conditions? Could they prevent it? InterMedCon provides preventative approaches (as well as in-patient care) for a number of different conditions. The support given by IMC ranges from mental health prevention and intervention to treatments for lung diseases.

IMC claim that one of their strengths as a company is ‘technology scouting.’ IMC uses technology scouting techniques to find effective intervention for health problems. They find the best digital solutions, worldwide. Given this - is it any surprise they have recently become Thrive’s first international partner! The partnership between Thrive and IMC will allow both support services to be available throughout a number of different insurance companies for employees, improving both employee well-being and retention rates.

Thrive: Feel Stress Free is an app which uses evidenced-based techniques for the prevention, detection and treatment of common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild depression. Research has shown that for those who screened positive for mild-moderate anxiety and/or depression, 96% of them ‘recover’ within 8 weeks of using Thrive: Feel Stress Free. It has also been shown to speed up depression recovery time, working the same as some anti-depressants without the side effects. There are three main aspects of Thrive: Feel Stress Free, including prevention, detection and treatment. The app also includes 24/7 support and is available when and where employees may need it.

“We have partnered with IMC due to their expertise in the healthcare field. They have technical and healthcare knowledge second to none in Germany allowing the Thrive solution to be supported in the best way possible.“ - David Forster, Chief Commercial Officer at Thrive

The prevention: The app encourages support seeking behaviour and detects issues before they become too severe. Thrive is not for the 1 in 4 struggling with their mental wellbeing, it is for the 4 in 4 of us that need to care for our mental wellbeing and cope with life's daily stresses. The exercises within the app, mood tracking and systems all prevent mental health conditions occurring or becoming worse.

The detection: The detection aspect is done by using PHQ9/GAD7 quiz to analyse a user's mental wellbeing, from this daily screen the app can determine if a user is suffering with anxiety and or depression. Users will be then recommended a personalised plan within the app and directed to the right support within their company/sector to improve their mental wellbeing.

The treatment: The app consists of many forms of treatment. The four relaxation techniques are calm breathing, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and applied relaxation - meaning there should be something for everyone. Each of the techniques are evidence-based, clinically proven and used in real life therapy to help manage common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild depression.

Together, Thrive and IMC have the ability to enable earlier detection, prevention and intervention for common mental health conditions including stress, depression and anxiety.  For more information on InterMedCon, click here or to see how Thrive can help your employees or to request a demo, click here.


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