One million patients per week cannot get an appointment with their GP

According to recent statistics one million patients per week cannot get an appointment with their GP. The number of patients waiting at least a week for an appointment has gone up by 50% in the past 5 years. There may be many reasons for this, more elderly people, budget cuts for care, staff shortages and modern lifestyles. So, what happens when you are the one in five people who is unable to see a doctor for at least a week? If you live or work in London, DocTap could be the answer to fast, effective treatment.

DocTap runs affordable private GP clinics across London that will get enable you to see a doctor instantly.  There are 8 DocTap with experienced doctors who are passionate about helping their patients, whatever the problem. DocTap offers 15-minute private appointments on the same day of booking. DocTap is registered with the Care Quality Commission so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. DocTap GPs offer the full range of services you can expect from an NHS surgery including (but not limited to) diagnosis, prescriptions, sick notes, referrals, arranging medical tests, doctor letters and reports, and advice.

“97% of the 2058 patients who have reviewed DocTap would recommend them to their friends and family.”

1 in 3 sick notes handed out by GPs are for mental health. Because of this DocTap GPs have decided to offer digital self-management alongside all the other forms of treatment they would normally use. According to the Guardian 'mental health services are overwhelmed by soaring demand, and patients are facing long delays to access care', so DocTap took the innovative approach of supporting their patients digitally and they have partnered with us at Thrive to do it.

When the GP at DocTap figures out that a patient is anxious and/or depressed, she can offer Thrive: Feel Stress Free at discount, which is less than half the cost of a prescription. The majority of those who screen positive for mild anxiety and/or depression, improve within 8 weeks of using Thrive: Feel Stress Free regularly.  

Thrive: Feel Stress Free can help people recover from depression or anxiety faster and could help avoid using medication. There are three main aspects of Thrive: Feel Stress Free, including prevention, screening, and self-management. The app also includes 24/7 support and is available when and where patients may need it.


The app encourages support-seeking behaviour and detects issues before they become too severe. Thrive is not for the 1 in 4 struggling with their mental wellbeing, it is for the 4 in 4 of us that need to care for our mental wellbeing and cope with life's daily stresses. Using the exercises within the app, mood tracking and other features will help you stay well.


We use PHQ9/GAD7 quizzes to screen for depression and anxiety. These are the same tests your NHS GP would use. This screen results in a personalised plan within the app.

Self-management programme

The app has many self-management features from mindfulness/breathing techniques to distraction techniques. The techniques are so diverse that there should be something for everyone. Each of the techniques is evidence-based, clinically proven and used in real life therapy to help manage common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and mild depression.

DocTap is a forward-thinking organisation and one of the first to offer self-management for common mental health conditions using a digital tool following national recommendations. For more information on DocTap or to book an appointment, visit To see how Thrive can support your mental wellbeing, visit

“As a small business owner, time is my most precious commodity, so I don’t want to spend it queuing at the GP surgery or endlessly phoning to try and get an appointment. With DocTap, I am just one click away from the appointment I need at the location I need it, and all for a reasonable price.” - DocTap User

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