Yesterday was armed forces day #SaluteOurForces

Yesterday was Armed forces day. The 24th June is a day to show support for those in the armed forces. This is not just for those who fight for our freedom. It is for every single person who plays, or has played a part in defending the country. There were many events that took place to support the troops, veterans and cadets. There were a number of ways to get involved, from attending national events to holding your own in your local town. Armed forces day began on the 19th June, when the flag was raised around country. Reserves day was also be celebrated on the 21st June.

Those in the armed forces work endlessly to protect us all. It is only fair that we show our appreciation for them. As well as army, navy and air force personnel, armed forces day is also to recognise and support reservists.

Reservists give up their spare time to support the defense of the country. They balance their civilian life with military life. This means that if required, they will give up their civilian life and be part of the military. The reserve forces are roughly one sixth of the armed forces and they can offer more specialised support functions such as medical or cyber. According to, reservists are currently supporting operations worldwide including in Afghanistan, Northern Iraq, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many reserved forces go without recognition and are often taken for granted. This armed forces day please thank all of those that turn up to work in their uniforms.

This year, the key theme was #SaluteOurForces. It was a way to thank the armed forces for all of their hardy  work and dedication to helping keep civilians safe. If you haven't yet, join in! Simply tweet or post a picture of yourself as if you are saluting, including the hashtag #saluteourforces.

Dedicating your life to the protection of others and being away from friends and family can be stressful. To thank all of those in the armed forces, the veterans and the reservists - we are offering one month free of ‘Feel Stree Free’. Our guided relaxation app, ‘Feel Stress Free’, takes you through different activities to help manage and prevent symptoms linked with stress, anxiety and mild depression. The app is created and developed by leading UK psychologists and uses clinically proven techniques.

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