How to have a stress free weekend

After a hard week of work, the weekend is usually a time of relaxation and should be spent doing the things you enjoy. Everybody deserves a break, so spending your weekend stressed out is not what you need. Stress over the weekend tends to be due to the chores that you may need to catch up on, or experiencing the Sunday blues (around 26% of people feel anxious the evening before going back to work). Too many of us try to cram in an entire month’s chores into one weekend, catch up with all our favourite TV shows until 3am, or do other non-relaxing activities.

Here are some tips to ensure you feel truly refreshed on that dreaded Monday morning and enjoy your well-deserved weekend break:

  • Time management. Weekends are short in compared to the rest of the week. Prioritise what you need doing, and make sure you leave yourself plenty of relaxation time doing the things you enjoy. Read a good book, socialise, meditate or go for a nice walk. Make a list, including down time, and stick to it!

  • Be healthy. Eating a well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising are all key to reducing stress and increasing energy. With an increase in energy during the week, you may find yourself able to do all the things you have planned for the weekend without leaving yourself exhausted.

  • Spend time with loved ones. Most of us spend our time at work or school during the week. The weekend is the perfect time to visit the friends and family you don't have time to see Monday to Friday. Plan something fun with everybody or just pop over for a catch up. If you have children, it is a nice idea to take them out somewhere fun as they deserve a break from school just as you do from work!

  • Relax and sleep. Most people don’t particularly enjoy waking up early 5 days in a row so treat yourself to a lay-in if you can! Try not to oversleep, though, as this can cause you to feel tired throughout the day and cut the time with your loved ones short. Try 5 minutes of relaxation techniques (meditation or progressive deep muscle relaxation) before sleep to help you fall asleep better, reduce stress, and have a deeper sleep.

  • Do something you love. Don’t waste your whole weekend doing housework or catching up on work. Have a project or a hobby and indulge a bit. Your weekend can be as busy or as relaxed as you like, but make sure you are not wasting it doing something you don't enjoy.

  • Get outside. Get some exercise, take the children or pets out, or just enjoy the weather. The list of possibilities for getting that fresh air is endless. Being around nature is good for many things like memory, creativity and emotional wellbeing. Follow this link for some good reasons to go outside. 

  • Plan your weekend. Plan a list of realistic things you’d like to do over the weekend on Thursday night, but ensure to check the weather before you plan! Even booking things in advance is a great way to plan your time out and have things to look forward to.

  • Get away. Take a break from your regular routine by getting out of the town. Go camping, to a lodge or to the seaside! Breaking routine can allow you to reduce stress and feel free. Invite loved ones and create a fun-packed weekend break!

  • Practise mindfulness. If you feel yourself getting particularly stressed, practise mindfulness techniques to relieve stress and anxiety. This can include meditation, deep muscle relaxation and more. Even a few minutes a day can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Feel Stress Free is a mobile app which includes these plus many other clinically proven techniques. What will taking 5 minutes out of your day really do? You could find yourself enjoying your weekend more because of it.

Have a fun, stress-busting weekend!

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