Thrive and Don Broco to attempt world record!

On Saturday 30th April 2016, Thrive and Don Broco are attempting to set a new World Record at the Teddy Rocks Music Festival in Blandford, Poole.


Sounds pretty crazy, right?!


We want to change the way mental health conditions are treated, thought of, and dealt with. To help us on the journey, we thought it would be cool to set a world record with as many others as we could, and approached the band Don Broco, whose latest album Automatic reached the UK top 10. We knew a festival would be a great way to reach people, and were introduced to Teddy Rocks – an awesome festival raising money for children with cancer – and the rest is history!


We develop clinically proven apps to help manage, treat and prevent common mental health conditions. We’re using our latest app, ‘Feel Stress Free’, and one of the four evidence based techniques to set the record. Deep breathing exercises are one of the simplest mindfulness techniques to learn, and one of the most proven to help when you feel you need a little breather and things get on top.


We’ll be continuing to raise awareness around mental health conditions and have many more events planned throughout the year – Stay in touch through our social media pages to be the first to know of other things going on that you can get involved in, and to see updates from the record attempt tomorrow!

Bronwyn SouthrenComment