10 tips to keep calm during festive shopping

Shopping for your loved ones over the festive season is a daunting task for numerous reasons. ‘Will I have enough money?’, ‘What if they don’t like their gift?’, 'When will I have enough time?' are just a few questions which can make someone go from calm and collected to stressed and panicked. A recent study has shown that shopping for the festive season could actually be as stressful as running a marathon!*

Queues, bumping into people in busy shopping centres, carrying 4 different bags in each hand... These are just a few of the things that can increase your stress levels whilst trying to shop for relatives who probably deserve way more than you have managed to find anyway! These top tips will help keep you grounded during the festivities!

  • Budget. Write a list of who you need to buy for and the budget you are able to set aside. This way, you shouldn’t accidentally leave anybody out while ensuring you have enough money put away for everybody! Try to set a limit that you would like to stick as a whole.

  • Make an agreement. With some of your adult friends/family, it might be a good idea to agree on a set budget for each other. This way, you won’t be worrying about if you overdid it or feel bad because you didn’t spend us much as them. You can even agree on a low amount to mutually save money and worry.

  • Do some shopping online. Rather than having to deal with brushing elbows and subtle nudges out the way, consider doing some of your shopping online. It’s quick and easy with most sites offering guaranteed delivery before the big day.

  • Sleep well. Enough sleep is crucial to remaining calm, especially during busy periods. Aim for 7 to 8 hours a night, too much sleep could also negatively impact you.

  • Don’t turn to booze. With alcoholic beverages almost everywhere because of the festive season, it may be tempting to have a few glasses of an evening to calm yourself down. Alcohol has a negative impact on mental health and can contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Don’t waste time. Start your shopping as soon as possible to prevent last minute panic. It’s a good idea to start picking up little bits here and there well in advance. You’d be surprised how quick the pile adds up!

  • Know when to stop. Pick a date in December that you will stop you preparations and begin to enjoy the holiday. By giving yourself a deadline and sticking to it, you should definitely have time to relax!

  • Take a break. If you are in the middle of a shopping centre and begin feeling flustered, take a short break, even if it’s simply stepping outside for a few minutes for a breather. Clearing your mind will do wonders for your stress levels and means you can revisit the task feeling fresh and focused.

  • Stay healthy. Ensuring you eat and drink well is crucial for your wellbeing. Eat a balanced diet which will give you energy and not leave you feeling lazy so you are ready to start your preparations. So don't overindulge.
  • Exercising can also help to destress you. Not everything about going shopping is bad, you should get plenty of exercise! Try to do as much of it as you can walking.
  • Keep calm on the go. Practice deep breathing techniques, this is a stress reliever you can do on the go, even whilst you shop! You can also download ‘Feel Stress Free’, an app which can build resilience to and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and mild depression. It includes numerous different activities which you can do on the go at any time for as long as you choose!

To download Feel Stress Free, visit: www.feelstressfree.com

* (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3941672/Christmas-shopping-stressful-running-MARATHON-Hitting-high-street-increase-heart-rate-33.html)

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