Exciting things happening at Thrive!

You may have heard us talk about the exciting things coming in 2017 for Thrive, and it’s with great pleasure that I can finally announce the first of many exciting, and revolutionary, partnerships that may affect YOU.

Yesterday, Tuesday 1st November 2016, we’re delighted to announce that Thrive and Care First are working together to provide the world first pro-active, preventative, digital EAP service globally.

Care first, a leading EAP owned by Partnerships in Care/Priory Group, provide Employee Assistance Programmes to thousands of organisations across the globe. From physical health monitoring to 24/7 phone or skype based counselling (and so much more in-between), Care first are experts in providing a wide range of services specifically for tailored to benefit employees, with proven ROI for their organisations.

We want to disrupt the modern practices behind mental healthcare. Why are so many people still not able to seek support? Why has there been no solution to the long waiting lists the NHS can’t do anything about? Why is suicide still the largest killer of men under the age of 45? More people need more tools to cope – And we need them now. We can’t do the same things and expect different results.

By partnering with organisations such as Care first, we can deliver a solution that we know works at scale, to thousands and even millions of employees worldwide through the companies they work for. Your employer may even have an EAP that you would be entitled to use. It’s worth asking.

For more information on how your organisation can get a better ROI from an EAP than ever before, and how you as an employee can access it, please drop me a line.

Here’s to the future!


Simon Jay

Commercial Director

07738 781831


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