This is Bex

This is Bex

Rebecca (Bex) Walton is a really talented 25 years old lady from Kent who happens to have agoraphobia. She's a freelance writer, blogger for Huffington Post & Tit Bits, Mental health campaigner and director of Minds Like Ours.

This is the latest blog she's written and she's been really generous to share it with all of us. It's a poem that explains what is it like to deal with agoraphobia and some of the issues people with this condition have to go through every day. Really hope you enjoy it too!



Agoraphobia – A Poem

I’m not a poet by any means, just enjoy writing words down in all different forms. With that in mind I put this together just now, when (getting nervous about) getting excited about the upcoming Tunbridge Wells Writer’s Meetup which I’ve promised myself (and others) that I’ll go to. Here’s my poetic take on my experience with agoraphobia. I apologise in advance for my naff poetry skills!

Don’t be silly it’s all in your head,
Just open the door and step out, they said.
Go outside and explore, there’s nothing to fear,
Other than those that point and those that sneer.
She’s crazy, a loon, she’s losing the plot,
If she stays in her home she’ll continue to rot.

I cried and I screamed, I refused to go out,
But no one could see what the fuss was about.
I went to see doctors and a detestable shrink.
Just take these tablets they said with a wink.
From prozac to zoloft I was given them all,
Yet I continued to scream and continued to bawl.

The drugs they weren’t working, it was easy to see,
Don’t worry they said, just try CBT.
I opened my mouth and the words fell out,
I was sad and confused, my mind full of doubt.
Am I mental or broken? Will I ever get better?
The therapist smiled and then penned me a letter.

You’re courageous and kind, you have a good heart.
All you need from life is just a fresh start.
You’ve seen some things that should never have been seen,
But as everyone knows, the world can be mean.
When you step outside there’s no need to be scared,
The ones with a problem are those that pointed & stared.

They’ll never be fixed of their hatred and spite,
Whereas you’ll overcome your irrational fright.
Don’t worry about what you think other people can see,
Just concentrate on becoming the best you can be.
Now go out and explore, there’s nothing to fear,
Especially not from those who point and sneer.

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