The Lancet: The wood for the trees

Dr Andres Fonseca introduces us to Jacks and Mr B, two homeless patients he had a few years ago, both diagnosed with schizophrenia, but experiencing completely different symptoms and stories.

Jacks got where he is from an apparent normal life on which he had a wife and daughter until the "whites in the satellite" took him and constrained his life. However, his explanatory system is complete and self-contained and probably became unwell from some sort of event or exposure. On the other hand Mr B was never well and has an ever changing story where he claims he's been many things in life, including a doctor, a army officer, a robber, a husband, etc. and sometimes he realises he's never been any of them and his life was much more different.

Do not miss this really interesting article Dr Andres Fonseca was commissioned for The Lancet, one of the oldest and best well known general medical journals in world.