6 celebrities who overcame depression

I am sure a few of us have thought at some point that if things were differently (if we had a better job, a wealthy economic position, a higher social status, a new car, an improved health, etc.) we’d be happier in life. In fact, some of these worries play even harder in our minds when we are emotionally ill because our minds are not able to discern and remain objective.

We may have even wondered why a certain celebrity could be depressed having the talent, looks, money and people adoring them. It makes no sense that they should be depressed with their fancy lifestyles. But depression does not have anything to do with all that. We've said it several times on this blog but it doesn't hurt reminding it one more time that depression is an illness that can affect anyone from any background. The triggers for depression are so diverse as people who have this mental health condition and being in what seems a better position in life does not stop us from going through dark times.

We want to share some depression cases from well-known actors, singers and even royalty. We know they went through it because they have spoken openly about it in diverse interviews.


Princess Diana

According to the BBC website about The Life of Diana, her broken marriage to the Prince of Wales was a painful process that led to depression. Diana claimed that she didn’t get any support from the royal family. She did however overcame it and found happiness with her new friend, Mr Dodi Al Fayed. Probably to prevent this from happening again, according to The Daily Mail, Kate Middleton received counseling in 2011 to prepare herself for the life with the royal family and avoid depression that could be caused by being the future King’s wife. 




Owen Wilson

We know him well for all his hilarious and charismatic roles in many Hollywood comedy films like Wedding Crashers or Zoolander, but in 2007, when he was 38, People reported that he felt there was no more for him when he attempted suicide. According to close sources, the reasons were diverse but included ‘battling his demons’, fear of failure, stress and drug addiction. He ‘bounced back’ about three months later with the help of his family and friends, hitting parties and preparing for new films, according to People again. 


Jon Hamm.jpg

Jon Hamm

He’s well known for his lead role, Don Draper, in Mad Men and films like The Town. In an interview with The Guardian he tells that when he was 2 his parents divorced and he lived with his mother until she died of stomach cancer when he was 10. That’s when he moved with his father. However, when he was 20 and studying English at the University of Texas, his father died too. He says he was fortunate to have good friends around him but he still struggled with chronic depression, went to therapy and had antidepressants. He admitted that both solutions worked. “If you can change your brain chemistry enough to think: 'I want to get up in the morning; I don't want to sleep until four in the afternoon. I want to get up and go do my shit and go to work and…' Reset the auto-meter, kick-start the engine!".

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress has got a history of depression. In an interview with The Daily Mail she thinks that in 1997, after her break up with Brad Pitt, she felt as if a ‘black cloud was hanging over her’ and was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2002 after her father died. When she had her second baby with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, Moses, seven years old now, she said in her blog Goop that she suffered from post-natal depression for over five months. This didn’t happen with her first baby Apple, but it prevented her from seeking a third child. And lastly, when she turned 40 she said she was experiencing a ‘crisis’ about it but she realised her life was OK by being surrounded by family and friends. In September 2013 she claimed she was well and she actually felt better than ever however she hasn’t spoken up about her emotional state after breaking up from husband Chris Martin on Spring 2014. 


Robbie Williams

The British ex-Take That singer has reportedly battled with mental illness, obesity, self-esteem issues, alcoholism and substance abuse throughout his life. While he was still in Take That, his friend Elton John booked him into rehab to help him cope with depression and related drug misuse. In 2007 he entered another rehabilitation center in Tucson to help him recover from his addiction to prescription medication and energy drinks. He also fought in 2009 his smoking addiction of up to 60 cigarrettes per day.  Robbie opened up about his issues in some testimonials published by The Daily Mail


Frankie Sandford

The Saturday’s singer also overcame depression and spoke openly about it in an interview for Glamour Magazine. She became famous when she was just 12 and started battling the illness as well as panic attacks when she was 15 years old, just after S Club Juniors. Nevertheless it wasn’t until 2011, when she was already 22, that she did something about it and sought treatment.  She was told by doctors to take some time off the band. Since then, the singer has been a champion for mental health anti-stigma campaign Time to Change. She says that now, nine times out of ten she’d have her depression controlled, but still feels the lows at times, however, she also reckons that nobody feels happy 100% of the time. 


our thoughTS

This may sound like we are stating the obvious but celebrities are human beings, just like the rest of us. The way these people have been affected by depression reminds us that anyone can be affected at any point, even in what may seem very good circumstances. It is important to note that, while they might have been quite seriously affected they all managed to recover. Depression is frequent but it is something that can be treated. Most people affected recover fully from it and there is no shame in seeking help.