Can our minds be hacked?

The other day I came across an American TV show called Through the Wormhole that is narrated and hosted by American actor Morgan Freeman and shown on the Science Channel. The topic of the episode was Can our minds be hacked? and started bringing up an interesting question: "Our minds store our entire lives, our memories and our deepest desires. Tell no one, and our thoughts remain our own. But our brains are biological computers. Computer hackers can tamper with our email. Could brain hackers someday be able to rewrite our thoughts?". 

Some of the stories include, for instance, Marc Salem, who's a well known psychologist in New York, shows in the program that it's almost impossible to keep a secret because what our minds are thinking "leaks" into our physical bodies, so it can be discovered by someone who knows how to read those signs. People with physical disabilities, such as ALS, can also communicate with the power of their brain patterns and the help of virtual technology. A laboratory in California is working in technology that can translate thoughts into pictures and words. An amateur shooter can reach similar levels to a professional one by using a hacking device that provides accuracy, with the wide array of different uses this technology could have.

Can be a mind changed? Can its thoughts be really rewritten? Clinical neurologist Steven Novella from the Yale University School of Medicine reckons in his article Hacking the Brain – A New Paradigm in Medicine that science in moving forward and there's "a new paradigm in medicine, one in which we can use a variety of technologies to manipulate brain function to treat a variety of neurological diseases and disorders".

I recommend you watch this interesting documentary and find out the limitless possibilities that are being currently tested and may be not so far away in the future from us. The science behind the documentary is really good but take Morgan Freeman's comments with a pinch of salt as he adds a bit of hype to it all for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

 Morgan Freeman narrates and hosts TV show Through the Wormhole

Morgan Freeman narrates and hosts TV show Through the Wormhole