Spidery Problems

Spiders seem to have been causing a variety of problems recently. Mazda have had to recall 42,000 cars in the US due to the fact that Yellow Sac Spiders have a habit of making their nests in the fuel system. It seems they are attracted by the petroleum. Mazda thought they had this fixed as the same problem caused a recall of 52,000 cars in 2011 but the cunning spiders have found a way round. 

In other news a man in Seattle set fire to his own home. He attempted to chase a spider out of the laundry room using a 'home made' blow torch consisting of an aerosol and a lighter. Unfortunately he set fire to the house in the process. Thankfully neither he nor anyone else was hurt. This chap is not alone in allowing his irrational fear of spiders to get the better of him as in 2012 a Californian also set fire to his own home using a blow torch to get rid of spiders.

 Probably best not to use this for getting rid of spiders.

Probably best not to use this for getting rid of spiders.

Whilst it would be all too easy to shake our heads and laugh; these extreme examples show how people with phobias misjudge the risk posed by spiders and respond in an extreme way. We know people with phobias even judge the size of the feared object as much bigger than non-phobics.

If you suffer from a phobia, we know seeking help can be scary in Itself as you know treatment will involve exposure to the feared object. That is why lots of people with phobias never seek help in spite of how quick and effective treatment is. If you are among those who hesitate, think, you could be saving yourself a phonecall to the Fire Brigade!