Virtually Free presents at Cambridge (and we learn about undoing aging)

As the sun came up over the London roof tops, the Virtually Free team was well on their way to Cambridge University to present at a CUTEC sponsored competition. CUTEC is the University of Cambridge's leading entrepreneurship club. Today we compete against six other teams, three going on to the final round later this afternoon. 

                                    Dr. Aubrey de Grey

                                    Dr. Aubrey de Grey

In between free breakfast, coffee and lunch (rough life for those in the start up world these days) we had the chance to listen to guest speakers lecture on technological innovation at the 11th Annual Technology Ventures Conference themed "Beyond the Now". They lecture on everything from space colonization to the printing of biological tissues to hand-held diagnostic devices. There was even a talk held by Dr. Aubrey de Grey on "Undoing Aging with Regenerative Medicine." He described preventative treatment so as to not let the body damage itself to point of a pathological condition. The idea is to reverse or repair some of the damage as it happens and not allowing it to accumulate to the point that it causes problems. Verinata Health Inc can sequence the DNA of a foetus. Second Sight creates retinal prostheses that could lead to bionic eyes. SpaceX's Falcon-9 has soft-landed on Earth making headway in space transportation.  

What technologically innovative ideas do you have to share with the rest of the world? List them below! Maybe you'll find someone who shares similar thoughts... to the competition; the judges have arrived!