Hello world!!! I am ecstatic to announce that today is the first day of the World Cup! Brazil takes on Croatia at 21:00 British time; will you be watching? Personally from Argentina, I will have to be touting my love for the Argentine team, but England follows right behind. From now until the TBD final game July 13th (a Sunday), tensions will be soaring and stress levels will be on an all time high (especially if you are English and watching them during penalties). On that note, England makes its first appearance this Saturday at 11 pm playing Italy. 

Over the years I've seen many people become aggressive over the outcomes of sport games. The World Cup is no exception. It is important to note that aggression does not relieve stress. Instead, deep breathing, exercise, and sleep are some legitimate alternatives. Unsure of how to perform breathing and muscle exercises that can help you? The Stress Free app uses our loved virtual doctor, Dr. Freeman, that can talk you through what to do. The app does not require wifi to operate so its easy to get a quick session in on the tube on the way to the pub! 

Who are you rooting for this year?!