Work stress vs. home stress

I find that numerous stress articles like to enlighten us about the stress from the workplace. Perhaps you don’t get on too well with your boss, you are having issues managing your team, you are working long hours, or you aren’t closing any deals. But what about the stresses from home, and can the two affect the other? My personal case study says that indeed it can.

My father works at a bank selling and trading bonds. Consequently, he is continually stressed about signing deals all over the world, having to continually travel away from home, and—lately—clashing cultures with his German assistant. My father brings these stresses back into the household, where upon arriving, the first thing he will do is scold and criticize all the kids for any fleeting reason. Nano, your soccer ball is in the kitchen! Mia, why haven’t you cleaned the fridge!? Kala, your room is a mess! He will concentrate on the negative aspects of the house rather than the positives, making him even more stressed! In addition, after being scolded all the kids are angry with him, which adds to his stress at home. Where the home should be a buffer for the stresses of the work day, to my father it has become an extension of work.

But the cycle works both ways. The more stressed he gets at home, the more stressed he is the next day at work, which undermines his ability to perform confidently with a level head. The worse his abilities get, the less likely he is to sign a deal, the higher the stress at work, the more he brings home, the more he brings back to work and the vicious cycle continues.

Make sure to take a holistic approach when regarding stress. It’s not just from work and its not just from home. Make sure your relationship with your partner is healthy, because that might give you springing confidence at the office. Make sure you are working hard and efficiently, because that might prompt you to really appreciate and soak up the weekend sun with your friends and family. Don’t be passive if you recognize an issue causing stress. Find what you can change and change it for the sake of your family, your friends, your employer, and of course, yourself. Share this post with friends and family and comment about your techniques with dealing with stress!     


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