Mobile therapy on-the-go!

When I open up my iPhone, the amount of apps whose logos glow their brand colors up at me may seem offensive to my grandfather, but to people like me, it’s perfectly normal. If anything, I don’t have enough! Living in a world where we update our blogs in the grocery line, tweet at the petrol station, and learn french on the tube, why can’t we conduct our own therapy sessions at the stoplight?

Research conducted on mobile therapy sessions is still limited. Regardless, they exist and versus a therapy session once a week that most of us would probably miss because we 'don’t have time,' they are probably worth trying out, right? Well, not all mobile therapy apps are created equal and it is worth spending a bit of time to make sure the developers have done their homework.

For example there is an interesting study conducted on 78 people, all with anxiety issues, where they had gamified attention-bias modification training mobile application sessions to complete. Attention-bias is when people differ in how they focus their attention. Someone who is particularly anxious will focus on, for example, the one frowning person in a room full of smiling people. They will zero in on the negative aspects of a situation, causing them to become even more anxious. What were the results of this study? The long (45 minute) sessions were superior to the shorter 25 minute training sessions. Participants had less anxiety and smaller reactions to stress compared to the group on the dummy treatment. So, now we know what length to aim for when designing our applications.

So what’s the point? Do not take for granted mobile therapy sessions. There are some out there based on nothing more than a hunch, while others are based on the still emerging science around them.

When you can automate your bills each month, plan trips through an app, and even date online, mobile therapy just seems like the natural next step. We believe this to be the case here at Virtually Free. We also make sure we stay with the times and provide you the latest and hottest techniques for improving mental health. Join us on this exciting journey!