The Wayra Journey Begins

So after months of applications and a final three day selection process we have made it through to Telefonica / O2's technology accelerator Wayra. See us in the flesh winning here.

We have joined twelve other companies who do everything from genetics to video streaming of concerts. For us this a great opportunity to get support and investment from a global company.

photo (8).JPG

We moved into our new offices in London on Monday and me and Andres stopped being doctors for a bit and turned into technology entrepreneurs.

That lasted for about three hours as when we went for lunch we witnessed a man being hit by a van.



Fortunately his injuries were minor so whilst Andres tended his cut toe I managed his anxiety

Luckily for him and us the ambulance arrived fairly quickly and we were able to hand him over to the professionals

Since then I have been a bit more circumspect about crossing the road. This speaks to why anxiety can be 'normal'. Since witnessing the accident I have been much more cautious about crossing the road. Anxiety serves to increase vigilance and awareness. I am not used to busy London streets, so this is a good thing, it means I'll probably live a bit longer as well!

Now that I've crossed the road safely we'd like to thank everyone involved in Virtually Free and all those who've supported us thus far for getting us to Wayra.