Warning, contains spiders!

Some of you may have seen the recent video showing me scared witless of a huge VR spider. People have found it very amusing to see me using foul language (apologies) and screaming like a little girl whilst wearing our great new Oculus Rift VR kit. Well, in fairness the spider was the size of a horse and pretty monstrous looking. Having recovered from VR-spider-induced PTSDI felt I should put the record straight.  

I still don't like spiders, but I am much better with the common non-horse-sized ones I tend to encounter in day to day life. To prove this here's a photo of one in my garden, which I actually think looks quite pretty.

 I'm OK with this one! 

I'm OK with this one! 

Before you ask, yes there was a bit of zoom and it is a bit shaky; but it took ages for the auto-focus to work so I had to stay there for a while. 

Anyway just wanted to make my point to Andres. Now I'll go off and plan my revenge on Andres and Richard...