In short: Russ is faced with the terrifying story of a tarantula in the bananas at the supermarket and successfully confronts his fear of spiders. Has our hero defeated arachnophobia?

I got home from work to find my four year old very excited. Her friend had been round and she had lots to tell. She has had chicken pox so has pretty much been house-bound for the last week; but as her friend has already had it, they had a play date. She told me the games they played and then as an aside threw in that her friends mum had found a big spider at work. 

It's strange how the mind works, before she said it I knew what the story was going to be but remained calm and asked for more details. 'oh she works in a big shop and it was in the fruit. She says it was really big and hairy'.

Well yes it was the old story of tarantulas in the bananas at the supermarket.

Now there was a time when I would have run screaming from the room crying 'NOOOOOO!' especially as I happen to know her friend's Mum works at a supermarket about half a mile away from our home. I can't say I was thrilled, but I actually went on the web to see if anything was mentioned in the local news. There wasn't anything but I guess if I ran a supermarket I probably wouldn't announce the finding from the roof-tops.

Who would of thought such a lovely fruit could cause such terror!  By Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Who would of thought such a lovely fruit could cause such terror! 



It does seem to happen enough that there is a news story in a big national paper every year, (here's the most recent, WARNING, SPIDER PIC) presumably on a slow news day. I couldn't see any figures for how frequently it happens, but I guess the stores don't advertise it. Again, I could have done without the tarantula pictures, but at least I could get the pages up and read them.

Now, I am not claiming doing the app and spending lot of time looking and thinking of spiders means I'd be happy if the tarantula arrived home in my shopping, but at least I'm not packing a case and leaving town until I see proof they have caught it.  

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