A survey, warts and all

One of my co-founders, Russ, gets very stressed checking the rankings and the ratings for our relaxation app, Stress Free. It has actually been doing quite well if we may say so ourselves. He has been very relaxed of late as we have had quite a few reviews and none under 5 stars. We are very grateful to all that took the time to put in the reviews. We know it is a bit of a drag and the system Apple has in place is not the most straightforward. To all of you who left us a review thank you so very much.

How to stress out one's co-founder

However, that is not enough. I wanted feedback even from those who would not normally download the app themselves so I set up a survey to get people to download the app and give us their honest opinion and recommendations. I set it up and Russ climbed the walls until we got all the results back, which took a long (long) week and a half. I did manage to get 900 responses for it, but, because it was my first time using the system I did not set it up completely cheat proof. There was a way of taking the survey and getting paid for it without downloading the app. This meant that over half of the surveys were not valid and people walked away with a few ill-gotten pennies from us. When I finally managed to chase Russ down from the ceiling we opened the spreadsheet that had...

The results

Almost 400 people did answer our questions in full. Quite a few of them giving us valuable pointers and telling us how to improve. We learned that people wanted their own music, that using the journal is difficult and that many of you would like to see a female doctor.

We learned that most people are interested in relaxation, at least a fair amount:


Most people found the app useful and the majority planned to keep and use the app regularly:


This is how people rated the voice acting, the videos and the app itself


Pretty good results for a random crowd we just asked on an anonymous survey. The mode is 4 stars and people really seemed to like the videos. We also know there is room for improvement and how to go about it. For Stress Premium we want more interactivity. This is a challenge for a relaxation app which wants to get you to relax, but there are active ways to relax and we think we have a few tricks that will really help make Stress Free more engaging and even more relaxing.

This last one was quite interesting to us. It was good to see that most people who are interested in relaxation found the app useful, that was reassuring. However I was also quite interested in the fact that we won over about 50% of the skeptics who were not interested in relaxation at all before trying the app.


Thanks for the feedback

And keep it coming. For the next releases of our apps we will include a button that will allow anyone to email us directly with any feedback so we can learn from our mistakes and make the apps as good as possible for all of you. Alternatively just leave us a comment here with any issues