You can relax now

Last Friday we got the go ahead from Apple to release Stress Free. Rich was offline because he was flying back from San Francisco and we don't let Russ receive the alerts because he would just check every 20 seconds and get nothing done. That meant that only I knew for a little while. I went to see Russ for some curry and to discuss our new ultra secret project.  He tricked me into telling him!

He spent the next hour and a half trying to get me to push the green button. He even plotted to get me drunk! I kept telling him that we needed to check with Rich just in case. He had been away for the week and maybe he wanted to tweak something. Every minute on the minute Russ would go 'can we launch yet?' 'and now?' 'how about now?' 'can we launch yet?'

Anyway, Rich landed safely and, no, there was no tweaking necessary. I finally pushed the button this morning and the app is live on the app store. Russ can relax because the app is out. Rich can relax because I'm not pestering him so Russ will stop pestering me. That means I can relax now and, since Stress Free is out, so can you.

You can download it now from the app store. Just click on the badge!