In which much merriment ensued

 After the hard-fought battle comes the feast!  courtesy of  mararie

After the hard-fought battle comes the feast!

courtesy of mararie

After a long week battling hordes of last-minute bugs that seemed to all conspire to rear their ugly heads at the same time, Stress Free is making it's way through Apple's approval process. Late on Friday night Rich, Sam and Henry had been battling the last bug boss for hours. It was an evil shadow-ninja bug who would have not looked out of place in the company of Sam Fisher, Solid Snake, Ezio Auditore or a particularly tough cloaked elite from Halo.

As the clock was fast approaching midnight, Rich sent the battle-weary Sam and Henry for much-needed rest while he fought on. It was an epic strife. The beast's weak spot was elusive. It lay hidden in a coil inside a coil deep in the heart of the shadow-code. As fatigue and frustration mounted, threatening to destroy his waning resolution, Rich saw the the tell-tale glint of the chink in the beast's armour. The shadow bug boss finally fell at 1:28 early on Saturday morning and Stress Free made it safely into Apple.

So, that's what very badly written 'based on a true story' fiction looks like folks; I hope Rich and the lads forgive me. There are quite a few unsung heroes in my little saga. Simon, Jack and Danny have been working their socks off getting everything finished, polished and on time. Matt has also put in a lot of work into the project early on in the journey. Even though they have not had the opportunity of being directly involved, Dave and Jono have supported it enormously. We don't forget them coming out to help with the filming in November.

To celebrate we went out for a night on the town on Saturday. It was like a scene from Viking lore. There were tankards of beer, sides of beef, fat sausages, gargoyles, confused valkyries who seemed immune to frostbyte, and even a couple of grotesque. lewd, railing-climbing dwarves.

Before I sign off we want to thank our backers. They jumped in half way through our fund-raising campaign in kickstarter. With their generosity they have made it possible for us to finish Phobia Free and get the android versions of the apps done. They also came out on Saturday and met the team for the first time. We hope they enjoyed the occassion at least as much as we enjoyed having them.

As soon as Stress Free makes it through Apple's review we will annonce it right here; so keep them peeled!

Richard, Russ and I thank you all for your continued support. I also thank you for your patience with my clumsy prose.