And the TIGA Award goes to...

Well, it went to Aardman Studios! These are the people who brought you Wallace and Gromit so it's kind of hard to be mad at them. There was some muttering of 'more cheese Gromit', but otherwise we took it like men. 

The TIGA Awards were great fun and a chance to meet and discuss things with people from across the industry. We caused quite a bit of confusion when people asked what we did and got the answer 'I'm a psychiatrist'.

In truth it was great to get nominated for our first project and a credit to all involved. In fact we are so thrilled at our achievement of not quite winning we're having a celebratory event, so if your in Nottingham this Friday drop us a line and join us for a beer! 

 Clearly the key to success is more Wensleydale!

Clearly the key to success is more Wensleydale!

For next year we have a cunning plan to beat the Wallace and Gromit crew; let's just say it involves a pair of mechanical trousers, a rocket and some Wensleydale cheese...

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