The dilemma

 The devil or the deep blue sea?   Pic courtesy of  Mary

The devil or the deep blue sea?

Pic courtesy of Mary

Now that you have sobered up from this week's antics let me tell you about the dilemma. We have had this dilemma since the very begining. This is not dessert vs just coffee or even beach holiday vs city break; this is worse!

Phobia Free is meant to help people with spider phobia and---depending how bad the phobia is---sometimes they cannot even look at pictures of something resembling a spider. So our dilemma is: should we showcase all the scary spiders we use in the app so we are taken seriously and risk people with phobia being too scared to even try the app or should we just show Itsy and risk not being taken seriously.

We went with "let's show them just Itsy as a place-holder for the spiders we use in the actual programme and try to explain to them that Itsy is just a placeholder to demonstrate features and to get people comfortable using the app at the begining."

We have recently had a lot of comments dismissing the app as unlikely to be effective based on Itsy's cuteness. This is kind of bittersweet: we achieved the objective of not scaring people off with pictures of spiders, but it seems that the message that she is just a placeholder for the actual spiders is not clear enough.

First of all we are very grateful for the feedback! Thanks for pointing that out and forcing us to think of a solution.

We have decided to leave Itsy where she is, but to make it really, really clear that she is only trying to get you at ease and not trying to treat your phobia. We have changed the description on Phobia Free on the website and on Kickstarter to reflect the feedback. Also, Simon---who you may recall from previous posts is our lead artist---has put together a collection of pictures of the other spiders in order of scariness including the queen of fear herself: the augmented reality tarantula! You can view the collection from the Kickstarter page or from our Phobia Free section.