We made it!

 Victory Lap!  Courtesy of   Anthony Albright

Victory Lap!

Courtesy of Anthony Albright

We are very excited to report that today made our funding goal thanks to the generosity of a few supporters that have chosen to back us directly from outside Kickstarter. In fact we have actually exceeded it enough to go for our £60,000 stretch goal, which means we will be able to complete the android version of the app. We are also in conversations with Roehampton University to see if we can achieve our research goals as well through collaboration with them.

Since we have made our goal we feel there is no real reason to continue with the Kickstarter campaign. We have therefore decided to cancel it. We are very grateful to all of you who backed us there. We also decided to honour all the rewards you pledged for on Kickstarter. We will be contacting you with details following the original timeline.

In other news we are getting ready for the launch of Stress Free at the end of this month. Wish us luck!

Cheers for the support!

Richard, Russell and Andres