End-of-year jitters

 I'm hoping Russ's scan will look like this!   Courtesy of  S ean MacEntee

I'm hoping Russ's scan will look like this!

Courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Those of you attending end-of-year parties might be experiencing a little bit of anxiety in anticipation of the party. Parties can be a lot of fun, but sometimes and for some people they can be stressful. "Will they like me?" " Will I say the wrong thing?" "What if nobody speaks to me?" Just remember a few things we know to be true: in 10 years you won't remember this particular party, people usually don't pay you a lot of attention (they tend to be busy thinking whether everybody is looking at them or whether they are saying the wrong thing), and -- according to research by Dana Carney and Amy Cuddy --  if you power pose just prior to going into the party and just assume the demeanor of someone confident and calm you will actually become more confident and calm.

For us it has been a great year at Virtually Free and we are very grateful to everyone who believes in us and has given us their support. The response has been quite overwhelming. The amount of support we continue to receive with our kickstarter campaign is rather humbling. Whether we succeed or fail it has already been worth it for all the amazing people we have met and continue to meet through it.  People like Marta Rauch who has been spreading the word about our campaign to all of her thousands of followers on google+ and twitter (follow her on twitter @martarauch).

For the new year we are looking forward to the release of Stress Free towards the end of January and the Phobia Free beta-test towards the end of February (provided we succeed on kickstarter, of course).

I am personally looking forward to sticking Russ in the fMRI with a virtual spider while we look at the activity in his amygdala and insula. Take a look at this paper if you want to know the brain areas we will be paying attention to in the scanner. If we succeed we should see nice activation of those areas before the treatment, which should fade away as the treatment progresses.

We promise we will continue to work hard to empower you to free yourself of anything that troubles your mind.

Happy new year!

Richard, Russell and Andres